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BLOTTING PAPER The Comic: Production Report No.2

Art, Blotting Paper, Comics July 10, 2011

Title page for first issue using rubber type stamps and linocut-© 2011 Michael Hill

The above image is an impression of the reversed typographic design shown in Production Report No.1. As I am interested in experimental image-making I have moved the block during the printmaking to create some blur, used askew registration and mixed some of the fonts. The comic is based on memories I have of a career in education that involved teaching, research, design and consultation at an art college then a design school across the disciplines of film, video, animation and visual communication. The subject of comics came up as a method of teaching storyboarding and as a medium in its own right. I also became involved in printmaking and that has become part of my artistic practice. It has not only been used to generate the title but also many pages.

A little too much blur perhaps?-© 2011 Michael Hill

I manipulate the visual communication aspect of the work and modify the degree of graphical experimentation but I see both elements as essential considerations in comics making,

Experimental typography-© 2011 Michael Hill

The ‘graphical impressions’ are drawings or prints of memories generated in ink from rubber, wood, lino and other surfaces (the title and subtitle from rubber, my name from lino). This page looks a bit too typographic so I think I shall probably consider adding an illustration. In addition to utilising printmaking as a method of image-making I am also doing some drawing with various tools ranging from traditional metal dip pens and pencils to felt-tipped pens and brushes and a selection of inks.

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