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Archive of Australian Alternative Comics: MCA ZINE FAIR

Archive of Australian Alternative Comics, Art, Comics May 22, 2011

Sunday 22nd May 2011, in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and opposite the Sydney Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art hosted a zine fair as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival. 50 tables traded to a small but enthusiastic crowd. It was a fusion of the literary and the artistic with comics increasingly appearing in art galleries due to their increased cultural status and the growing popularity of graphic novels.

Opposite the Sydney Opera House... (Photo by Michael Hill a.k.a Doctor Comics)

Sydney Opera House. (Photo by Michael Hill)

...in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

...at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)... (Photo by Michael Hill a.k.a Doctor Comics)

MCA. (Photo by Michael Hill)

The make-up of the stall-holders on the trading floor was a bit of a mystery with a notable presence of craft makers selling jewellery and accessories that led to complaints by some comics creators who were unable to acquire a table about the application and selection process not being all that consistent nor transparent. Despite this crossover of artistic fields it was a busy site for trading activities in the Zine table area which also provided the opportunity for creators to meet and mingle(see photos below).

Zine Fair program!

...2011 Sydney Writers' Festival-MCA Zine Fair. (Photo by Louise Graber)

Creators trading. (Photo by Louise Graber)

L to R: Tim McEwen, Doctor Comics(wearing Sick Puppy Comix T-shirt), Cefn Ridout. (Photo by Louise Graber)

L to R: Tim McEwen, Doctor Comics, Cefn Ridout. (Photo by Louise Graber)

Busy trading on the floor of Foundation Hall. (Photo by Louise Graber)

Busy Foundation Hall. (Photo by Louise Graber)

Sick Puppy Comic creator Stuart Stratu. (Photo by Louise Graber)

Stuart Stratu. (Photo by Louise Graber)

David Puckeridge with his publication

David Puckeridge with “BOX”.

Doctor Comics with Antoinette Rydyr of SCAR. (Photo by Louise Graber)

Doctor Comics with Antoinette Rydyr. (Photo by Louise Graber)

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