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BLOTTING PAPER The Comic: Production Report No.31

Art, Blotting Paper, Comics March 9, 2014

This is the second report documenting the production process and progress of the third issue of my artist book/comic Blotting Paper: The Recollected Graphical Impressions Of Doctor Comics, Chapter 3, The Chthonian Turn: The Cats’ Revenge. I am currently sorting out the script, refining ideas, and developing others. There has been some unscripted image-making and printmaking activity with the intention of using this as a loose but parallel means of creating vaguely conceived and experimental visual content. Examples produced through this printmaking strategy are featured below.

Red face print #1–© 2013 Michael Hill

Visage of first red shade–© 2013 Michael Hill

In the present chapter the cats deliberate over what to do following the sudden departure of Doctor Comics. Meanwhile the latter character continues his travels in the chthonian world confronting various vaporous forms and ghostly figures including a trio of red shades that roam there (see the three red shade illustrations). The raw state of these printmade images will most likely be subject to further graphic manipulation.

Red face print #2–© 2013 Michael Hill

Visage of second red shade–© 2013 Michael Hill

Red face print #3–© 2013 Michael Hill

Visage of third red shade–© 2013 Michael Hill

More visual developments and an update on progress will be posted on this blog around the end of the month. For a visual diary record and time-line overview of this project, see all of the BLOTTING PAPER production reports.

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