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BLOTTING PAPER The Comic: Production Report No.16

Art, Blotting Paper, Comics August 21, 2012

Work continues on the production of the second chapter/issue of my artist book/comic Blotting Paper: The Recollected Graphical Impressions Of Doctor Comics. In this report we look back at two of the characters from the first chapter and ahead to some of the images in the next, made by means of printmaking and drawing. First the feline characters Cohl and Busch, the funny animal characters and the cats of Doctor Comics.

The cats in the Blotting Paper comic. (Felt pen drawing-© 2012 Michael Hill)

Cohl and Busch are named after famous cartoonists Émile Cohl and Wilhelm Busch. They live in the apartment with Doctor Comics as his companions. They l-o-v-e fish! They also know about comics, as much and possibly more about them than the doctor. In lecturing mode Doctor Comics has been known to channel Cohl who is incredibly well read but with a distinct bias toward bandes dessinées.

The subconscious landscape. (Monotype print-© 2012 Michael Hill)

I am continuing to experiment with monotype prints of a sequential nature, a hangover from my animation days in which I made heavy use of the technique to generate the large volume of artwork needed in that medium.

Dreaming time I. (Monotype print-© 2012 Michael Hill)

Dreaming time II. (Monotype print-© 2012 Michael Hill)

And I have been drawing more bones.

Bones of the hand, heel and hip. (Pen and ink drawing-© 2012 Michael Hill)

For a visual diary record and time-line overview of this project, see all of the BLOTTING PAPER production reports. Issue #1:   No.1   No.2   No.3   No.4   No.5   No.6   No.7   No.8   No.9   No.10   No.11   No.12   No.13   Issue #2:   No.14   No.15   No.16   No.17   No.18   No.19   No.20   No.21   No.22   No.23   No.24   No.25   No.26   No.27   No.28   No.29 There is also my Cats In Comics series in which I profile cats from other people’s comics: Doraemon,   Krazy Kat,   The Rabbi’s Cat

BLOTTING PAPER The Comic: Production Report No.13

Art, Blotting Paper, Comics, Japanning April 21, 2012

Composed from elements of drawing, handwriting, collage, photography, typography and printmaking Issue #1 of my artist book/comic  Blotting Paper: The Recollected Graphical Impressions Of Doctor Comics involved a range of graphic tools. These were displayed at the launch with a description of my work methodology.

Searching for inspiration with sketching and sake. (Photo by Michael Hill)

The first stage of the process is finding inspiration. This may involve reading and research, travel, visits to galleries to look at art and objects and make sketches. One sketch book in the photo below shows a collaged image of a fictitious Japanese monster Shitake Man. Some sake also proved useful at this preliminary stage.

Sketch book collage and sake cup. (Photo by Michael Hill)

Concepts and images come to mind in the second stage, design. Sketching determines the shapes that will be obtained through image-making techniques.

Printmaking tools: chisel, carved blocks, rubber type and sharpening stone. (Photo by Michael Hill)

Bamboo baren, seals, string, sumi ink, brushes and printed postcard. (Photo by Michael Hill)

Where printmaking is involved the third stage brings out brushes, ink and paper for the printing part of the project. A baren which is piece of dried bamboo that has been stretched over a board is used to ensure that the paper makes good contact with the inked block. The pressure applied can be varied to produce the degree of intensity of the ink. The autumn postcard print in the photo above has been constructed from 5 layers of print.

Bench hook, brushes, bamboo jar. (Photo by Michael Hill)

On completion of the work the sake may re-appear to accompany a session of reflection on the creative outcome.

For a visual diary record and time-line overview of this project, see all of the BLOTTING PAPER production reports relating to Issue #1:   No.1   No.2   No.3   No.4   No.5   No.6   No.7   No.8   No.9   No.10   No.11   No.12   No.13

BLOTTING PAPER The Comic: Production Report No.8

Art, Blotting Paper, Comics January 12, 2012

I’m getting closer to completion of the first issue Chapter 1: The Ingurgitator. Drum roll! What I had hoped to have out by the end of 2011 is now looking certain for early 2012 so some celebratory banging on my own drum is in order.

Testing out type. (Photo by Louise Graber)

There have been changes to the script. This has resulted in compressions, extensions and deletions. I found that I needed more space to convey some sequences. The consequence of this meant shortening some parts in order to keep to the 40 page total that has progressively crept up from the planned 20. Some sequences weren’t working so they had to be cut although they may appear in a subsequent chapter if I can get them sorted out, and some parts, whilst working in script form, were just too difficult for me to draw.

My box of type. (Photo by Louise Graber)

The type in print.

The other interesting development has been the photographic part of the project. Initially employed as a reference device for locations, objects, figures and gesture positions that would in turn be converted into drawings, the lens art has now become more of a feature. Some pages are even starting to look a little like sequences from a Mexican foto-novela or picto grafia comic. This was not my intention. There is still the anticipated drawn, collaged and printmade elements along with the traditional rubber stamped text (see the photos above). Anyhow, I expect that the next report will confirm my suspicions of the forthcoming completion of the first issue of the comic and contain the announcement of details of publication place and date.

For a visual diary record and time-line overview of this project, see all of the BLOTTING PAPER production reports relating to Issue #1:  No.1   No.2   No.3   No.4   No.5   No.6   No.7   No.8   No.9   No.10   No.11   No.12   No.13

BLOTTING PAPER The Comic: Production Report No.7

Art, Blotting Paper, Comics, Japanning December 12, 2011

Whilst steady progress is being made it looks now as if I shall not be getting the first issue published before the end of the year. On the optimistic side, however, the comic is getting closer to completion so I am certain that I shall have something to show in early 2012, apart from this ongoing series of blogged progress reports (that incidentally have now been linked and may be viewed in sequence-see bottom of post). The nature of the comic and its format continues to digress in an e-hon-ish or artist book direction whilst still retaining some semblances of an alternative comic and an Australian one at that despite the Japanese influences. All good. In this report there are some more drawings and a photograph. The drawings are basic, raw and overlaid to look more interesting online. They may not appear like this in the finished work being subject to further development such as reworking and re-composing for the print publication. The figure in the drawings is the elderly Doctor Comics character doing some printmaking at home in the Japanese sosaku hanga method.

The comics scholar turns his hand to making comics. (Felt-tipped pen drawing-© 2011 Michael Hill)

Photography is also being employed in the comic. Below is a shot on the waterfront area of Sydney with a row of shipping containers. The photograph has been worked over graphically, both the figure and the background. It shows a younger Doctor Comics returning from a shopping expedition carrying a bag of books…comics and graphic novels of course.

Doctor Comics has been shopping. (Photo by Louise Graber, graphic treatment-© 2011 Michael Hill)

Hand coloured version. (Photo by Louise Graber, graphic treatment-© 2011 Michael Hill)

For a visual diary record and time-line overview of this project, see all of the BLOTTING PAPER production reports relating to Issue #1:   No.1   No.2   No.3   No.4   No.5   No.6   No.7   No.8   No.9   No.10   No.11   No.12   No.13